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Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite
The brilliant end to a brilliant story. The Brilliant Game by A. Gavazzoni is the third and last novel in the Hidden Motives series. I am a little sad to see that this is the last novel in the series, but at the same time I am very happy to see that A. Gavazzoni did an amazing job with wrapping up a very complex and interesting story. The story continues the life and struggles of Simone Bennet, a gifted psychiatrist who got caught in the world of lies, deceit and malicious intent when she decided to help a lawyer find the real killer of a woman named Lara.

After being kidnapped by a serial killer, Simone is back in her old life, trying to help some of her patients while still working with Cal who brought all this into her life. Her life is not stable, especially now that her daughter has been kidnapped and she, Edward (her boyfriend), the police and the FBI are trying to find her daughter. In the meantime, Simone is also trying to decode and decipher more of Lara’s story and find out what happened in the life of this enigmatic young woman. Simone’s conflicted feelings for Cal, her desire to find her daughter, and discover more about Lara is driving her mad. Is there any end to her story? Can she finally find out what happened to Lara? Can she find her daughter?

As always, A. Gavazzoni blew me away with her brilliant storytelling and her ability to take me on a journey with Simone. I was eagerly anticipating what she would bring in the third novel and how she would end Simone’s story. I enjoyed Simone’s journey, her development and how real she is. A. Gavazzoni’s characters are very real, they seem to breathe with every word and come to life on every page. I simply adore this author and the way she writes.

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