I love to chat with my readers!!!!!

Do I, personally, answer my readers’ questions?

One days recently, a reader contacted me in a private chat on Facebook to ask: is it really you answering, or is someone else answering for you?

Oh, it’s definitely me!

I love to chat with my readers. Whenever I talk to them, I receive great feedback about my work. Often, a reader’s comment or suggestion can help me improve in certain areas of my writing, and it’s always good to know how people are receiving what I write.

I also answer comments on my Facebook, and I spend time every day reading other people’s comments, checking to see who likes my posts, where those readers live, etc. It’s delightful to see how far a novel can reach; I’ve received many “likes” from all over the world—from the US to South Africa to Europe—and I just love to know people from different cultures are reading my novel.

I’m a very open person. I love to make new friends, and I accept almost all invitations for friendship.

I decided to dedicate an hour per week on my blog to talk to my readers, just because it’s a pleasure for me to do that, and one must have moments of pleasure and relaxation from time to time. Why just an hour? Because, as I believe you already know, my life is a little bit complicated. I’m not just an author; I’m also an active lawyer, and I have to split my time between these two completely different activities. I have to deal with clients, legal issues, and solving other people’s problems throughout the majority of each day, and I have to give wings to my imagination and write when I have a few minutes here and there, and each day, I take a peek at my social media to check what’s going on.

So, if you are one of my readers, or if you intend to be one, or if you just want to know me better, meet me on my Facebook page or on my blog’s weekly chat. I look forward to getting to know you!,

I also answer to writers and give them tips about writing and publishing.

I’m writing the sequel to Behind The Door, so please feel free to give your opinion. Tell me what kind of kinky patient you would like to see on Simone’s couch, or tell me what you didn’t like about my first novel—I’m open to constructive criticism and I view even negative feedback as a chance to improve. And of course, I’m hoping some of you will have kind feedback and will praise me for a job well done. Some kindness is going to be good for the soul.


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