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The Brilliant Game is the third installment in the Hidden Motives series written by A. Gavazzoni and published in March of 2018. Following Behind the Door and Lara’s JournalThe Brilliant Gamefollows the initial characters from the first two stories, allowing readers a more in-depth view in to their lives. Following the same structure of the first two books, the story is told in a flip-fop manner back and forth between Simone Bennet in the present day, to what she is continuing to read from Lara’s Journal in the past. From the first novel, we are told about the life and death of Lara, a sexually disturbed young woman who endured a lifetime of pain and suffering while expressing her thoughts through a journal she had written for several years.

With The Brilliant Game picking up right where the second installment left off, I was quickly able to dive right back in to the story, despite having read it over a year ago. The story features the main character Simone, who is a psychologist specializing in sexual behavior disorders. Due to a psychotic stalker who has tormented and kidnapped her in the past, Simone is dealing with serious issues in The Brilliant Game, all the while trying to regain any bit of normalcy that she once had. With the same lunatic once again toying with her life and everyone in it, Simone is determined to get him behind bars where he belongs. Hoping that the journals written by Lara will help to bring understanding to Simone and a few of her patients, she continues to read and analyze Lara’s story. With the continuation of Lara’s story, readers are given even more insight to her despair and turmoil throughout her young life.

With twists and turns from beginning to end, The Brilliant Game is perfect for readers who enjoy suspenseful dramas that are sure to stay in your mind long after turning the last page. With careful and consistent editing throughout the novel, I was able to read the whole story with no complaints. I truly enjoy the author’s writing style and would be more than willing to read anything else she decides to gift readers with.

I was so pleased to be given the opportunity to read and review yet another novel by the incredible A. Gavazzoni. Although the writing offers a clear and descriptive insight to the proceeding novels, I would highly recommend starting with the first book in the series and following through until the end. As with the first two books in the series, I find it necessary to give a reader’s discretion as this book contains graphic sexual scenes and language that would not be suitable for younger readers or those uncomfortable with explicit content.

I cannot give enough praise for the final installment in the Hidden Motives series and will happily give The Brilliant Game a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. Although I am sad to see the story end, I was satisfied with the full conclusion given to the characters. When I finished the final page, I released an audible sigh while reeling in all the emotions I’ve felt since the beginning. I’ve already recommended this series to several friends and will continue to look for other novels by A. Gavazzoni.

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