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No genre is more seductive than Erotica, but a novel like Behind The Door risks becoming very silly if it doesn’t find the right balance between the plausible and the bizarre. With the expected level of heavy breathing and erotic brinksmanship Gavazzoni’s debut manages to strike the right accord from the start with a plot that delivers beyond the mechanical and routine. Refreshingly devoid of clichés the strength of Gavazzoni’s writing comes through in her characters, where creating the right chemistry is crucial, and here she develops a level of erotic tension that is imaginative, convincing and sensual with Simone, Carl and Mark proving well-nuanced personas for their roles. Gavazzoni’s style of writing is to never tell us too much and whilst Mark’s diary entries are detailed it is Simone’s hold on the real world that makes Gavazzoni’s story far more than just another erotic escapade. Her narrative is thought provoking, her dialogue illuminating and on this level Behind The Door transcends its sources to maintain momentum and deliver a highly satisfying denouement which fans of the genre will certainly appreciate.


Raising high expectations of future releases from

A Gavazzoni, Behind The Door is strongly recommended.

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