The Power of Imagination

By A. Gavazzoni – author of Behind The Door and Lara’s Journal

Well, I don’t know every writer in the world…so I can talk only about my mind…and I have a very fertile imagination, so fasten your seat belt, and here we go!
How do I think? Well, it would easier to say how I don’t think—and that would be in a linear way! It’s funny, but I trace a line and create a complete story for my characters inside my mind, but then whenever I’m going to write, to turn all the scenes into a novel, my mind refuses to cooperate, and new ideas sprout, and thousands of new images form, and voilà! The scene is completely different from what I imagined in the beginning.
I love that, because I love surprises…and do you know why you can’t guess who the killer is? Because I don’t know when I first start writing, either…ha! I just let my imagination take control over my stories.
After that, you may be thinking I’m totally nuts and crazy…I have to disappoint you. I’m a lawyer…I go to court almost every week, and I have regular clients, companies that trust me with their existence… So…how can I lead a normal life most of the time and then, when I write, create so many twisted scenes? Because I’m not afraid of my imagination… I use it both in my work as a lawyer, finding solutions for my clients, and as a writer, building imaginary worlds.
Imagination is the best tool a human being has. Inside your mind, you can change the story of your life…and to start changing your life, you need to start thinking about it, convincing yourself different things are possible.
Never give just free rein to your imagination…give it wings, instead…and see the results. If you are a writer, imagination can take you to wonderful places and can produce wonderful stories… If you are not, you can still allow your mind to produce new ideas. And don’t bother asking where they come from…you are not going to find the answers; just accept them.
How do you think certain inventions have come about, such as the telephone? Because someone imagined that it was possible… We can turn on a computer and reach people on the other side of the world because the ideas for computers and Internet came from the minds of imaginative people. You can let your imagination work for you, too.
In my opinion, our brains are like the most fantastic amusement park we can visit, and the source of unlimited solutions, so let your imagination take control, and discover a new way to live your life, to work, and to write.

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