Open your mind!

By A. Gavazzoni – author of Behind The Door and Lara’s Journal


Do you want to write fiction? If so, then get rid of all your biases and open up your mind and ears!

A good writer is someone who never stops learning, who never thinks she/he knows enough. Learn before you decide to write. Read, become informed, interact with other people, travel—even if only inside your mind—or even use Google maps. Experiment about life, try new things every day, and never, ever judge.


Readers don’t want to read about common things or monotonous lives; readers want adventure, surprises, romance, and new ideas that allow them to dream and to suffer with the characters and also to learn from you as you learn from other writers.


A good writer is always a good reader because his/her mind is full of ideas and stories. Don’t dream about being a writer if you don’t read; it’s the first step.


Whenever you read, open your heart to new concepts of life, try to use empathy to understand characters that behave in a different way than you do. Embrace novelty, it’s the spice of life.


Try hard to understand other people’s behaviors, reasoning, and culture—different is not bad; it’s just different.


You don’t need to be afraid your personality will change, and you’ll become a different person just because you are reading or writing about things that don’t belong to your world. Be willing to understand the world is bigger than your home, and you’ll be a great writer.


When you have your brain filled with information about other cultures, ideas, and different ways of life, you are ready to be a fiction writer, because you can give wings to your characters, make them seem real, allow the reader relate to the characters’ flaws and difficulties.


Reality is made of good and bad, happiness and sadness, good days and dark days. Writing is the same, art always imitate life, and a narrow mind doesn’t have much to imitate. So open your eyes, and start admiring the world. Poetry is everywhere, and you will find the inspiration inside all creatures and all ways of life.

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